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Established in 2016 by Ideyi Chuku and Tim Mackinnon, IAT pools and exploits 20+ years of experience in global mining, commodity brokerage and trade facilitation. Our team consists of driven industry experts with critical track records in research, negotiation, risk analysis and assuring positive outcomes for a select clientele.

An essential component of global reach and expertise is industry intelligence. There are constant changes in extraction technology, transport logistics and risk assessment, among other things, that impinge upon trade facilitation. In addition to decades of combined industry experience and contacts, our team keeps vigilantly current with journals, trade-related associations, and pertinent conferences.

In early 2016, IAT began a program of acquisitions of mining holdings in selected African jurisdictions. Industry dynamics and market guidance have focused IAT for 2017-2020 chiefly on mining Copper, Zinc, Lead, Manganese, Barite, and Potash.  Our team has the depth, skills, and contacts to connect discerning Buyers and reliable Vendors into mutually-agreed and mutually-beneficial win-win relationships.  We look forward to working with you.

The Right Connections

The Proper Tools

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With the mining acquisitions of 2016 now reliably on-stream, in response to client-demand we have developed value-added warehousing and packaging capabilities as well.

Mineral resources are warehoused by type and standard and can be packaged in any one of an array of options, ranging from crates, to pouches to barrels. Customer specifications and expectations are managed directly by IAT executives at each step of the process.

The final component of IAT’s facilitation is the oversight of transport and logistics, if and when clients request it.  IAT possesses the industry experience and contacts that are pivotal to mineral extraction and transport.  Making the correct decision in this phase of any transaction is a key to ongoing success.

Social Responsibility - Africa

There is a complex history of mining and minerals in continental Africa, almost regardless of country. Because of this, and because of an unswerving commitment to transparency and honest brokerage with our clients, the IAT team is committed to the very highest of standards of corporate responsibility.

It is in this crucial area that the depth and outlook of the IAT team is critical. There are interactions at every stage; communal, village, provincial and national, quite often fraught with complex obstacles.

Impex Alliance has established  both good credentials and working relationships with local, national and international organisations in the areas in which we operate, contributing to local efforts to ensure clean water, usable roads and rudimentary healthcare are accessible to the communities in the mining environment.

Company Planning & Investment, 2016-2019

With an eventful and successful acquisition phase now behind us, the IAT team has been squarely focused on the fundamentals that ensure productive and profitable mining operations. This has included commissioning studies, establishing quarterly plans, and making vital investments in heavy equipment and talented personnel. It is with both pride and satisfaction that we can report substantial success.


IAT’s core mission is connecting credible Buyers and proven Vendors, while ensuring a transparent, predictable and low-risk transactional facilitation.  Our team has the crucial baseline knowledge and experience in global mining, enabling high confidence thresholds for both Buyer and Vendor.

Equally, our due diligence efforts are tireless and exacting, resulting in a substantially higher-than-typical closure ratio once a working LOI has been issued. In short, IAT filters out the “noise” and clutter that is often associated with international mining brokerage. Our team has global connections, access to the best information and research in the business, and a vested interest in ensuring no one’s time is wasted.

Our People

Tim MACKINNON – Vice President

Ideyi CHUKU – President

IAT was formed because our team has overlapping and complimentary skills, expertise and experience in global minerals & commodities brokering. Each of us brings his knowledge of geology, markets, logistics and risk to bear in service of discerning clients who have no interest in a margin for error.

We enjoy meeting clients in person, in our Montreal, Toronto, or London offices, but are equally comfortable on secure Skype links as well. We are dedicated professionals of the first order and would enjoy the privilege of explaining our services to you in more depth.

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